Logiri Archdeaconry

Founded in 2018, with 5 Parishes:

1 Anyavu Ven. John Orochi Archdeacon
2 Anyavu Rev Gershom Bua Parish Priest
3 Lazebu Rev. Govile John Parish Priest
4 Lima Rev. James Tebele Parish Priest
5 Okavu Rev. Can. Michael Ewaku Parish Priest
6 Oliri Rev. Asea Tom James Parish Priest
7 Anyavu S S Rev. Mazidi Simon Chaplain
8 Logiri S S Rev. Falaa Naphtali Chaplain

Parishes in Logiri Subcounty are:

  • Anyavu
  • Chiaba
  • Jiki
  • Lazebu
  • Okavu
  • Oliba
  • Ozoo

NOTE the above list & map are from http://www.lcmt.org/uganda/arua/logiri

Need to check this list as there are 7 instead of 5

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