Maracha Archdeaconry

Ven.Bayo Alice Archdeacon Maracha Archdeaconry

Founded in 1976, with 20 Parishes

1 Maracha Ven. Alice Bayo Archdeacon 0772572209
2 Adelu Rev. Angunduyo Florence Parish Priest 0789656894
3 Ajebe Rev. Simei Aguta Parish Priest
4 Maracha Town Parish Rev. Albert Arimbia Parish Priest
5 Etoko Rev. Wadria Harris Parish Priest 0788184283
6 Kijomoro Rev. Adiga Robert Parish Priest 0777373585
7 Koyi Rev. Aluma Luke Parish Priest 0774430587
8 Loinya Rev. Alio Charles Parish Priest 0777675098
9 Midria Rev. Onzima Gard Parish Priest 0782273958
10 Nyoro Rev. Can. Andema A. Philliam Parish Priest/ATC Principal, Nyoro 0775503957
11 Ofude Rev. Toko Philliam Parish Priest 0782044188
12 Okabi Rev. Elema Gift Parish Priest 0773071429
13 Okuvu Rev. Sam Ojandu Parish Priest
14 Olivu Ord. Dramani Joel Parish Priest 0774509134
15 Otravu Rev. Can. George Andima Parish Priest
16 Paranga Rev. Jadribo Ram Parish Priest 0778706787
17 Robu Rev. Philliam Atayo Parish Priest
17 Retriko (Cornerstone) Rev. Wayi Nelson Parish Priest 0771380583
18 Tara Rev. Ronald Atandu Parish Priest
19 Uliapi Rev. Asizu Jimmy Parish Priest 0774458455
20 Ovujo Rev. Ndepia Jennifer Parish Priest
21 Yivu S S Rev. Gard Onzima Chaplain

Upcoming Events:

Workplan Discussion for the year 2022 at the Old Cathedral Mvara.
Maracha archdeaconry Team Analysing the 2022 work plan and Budget

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