Diocesan Secretary

Mr. Nassar Godferry (Diosesian Secretary)
The Diocesan Secretary is Mr. Nasser Godffery

TEL: 0772 640064
Email: nasser_godfrey@yahoo.co.uk

It’s amazing to see how time can fly, it’s now five years since I was consecrated as the 7th Bishop of this mighty and vast Diocese, and the Lord has been faithful in leading us in His Ministry in the region. I, therefore, have the honor to report to you some of the highlights of what God has enabled us to undertake together as a team (House of Laity, House of Clergy, and House of Bishop) for God’s glory. This is a testimony of God’s working miracle (won- ders). This, comes up to be shared in line with our four thematic areas: namely Spiri- tual Development, Socio-Economic Development, Institutional Development, finally Partnership and Collaboration. To realize these thematic areas, it’s prudent that our focus should be on Missions and outreach, as Jesus Commissioned us in Mathew 28: 19-22, we have been able to reach out to the families, communities churches among others through Mission and outreach, conferences in schools and churches, crusades, conventions camps, fellowships and other Sunday services/programs which have led to expansion of Gods kingdom. We can declare by God’s Grace that:

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