Vision, Mission & Values

The Vision of the Diocese is to create:

  • An empowered society that serves and worships God.

The Mission of the Diocese is:

  • To carry out Jesus Christ’s mission of preaching, teaching, healing and nurturing God’s people to be a loving, caring and just community that faithfully worships the God.

The Core Values of the Diocese are to:

  1. Uphold biblical standards as the true measure of Christian life
  2. Champion Christian walk as a life long journey of service
    and worship with our Lord Jesus Christ as the ultimate model
  3. Partner with faithful members of the body of Christ regardless of origin, ethnicity, gender and race to fulfil the great Commission
  4. Serve churches, organisations and individuals with humility
    Love, care and respect for their calling before God
  5. Model Leadership (for both Clergy and laity) that is rooted in integrity, accountability,   transparency and effectiveness through regular training and courses
  6. Be committed to the holistic ministry of God’s Kingdom (evangelism and socio- economic transformation)

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