The Church in Northern Uganda was planted by missionaries of Africa Inland Mission (AIM) in 1918 with their base at Mvara, 3 kms East of Arua Town.

The Church quickly expanded southwards to Nebbi and northwards to Moyo and Adjumani Districts.

In 1925 the Diocese of Upper Nile which spread from Mbale to Wau in the Sudan with headquarters in Mbale was created and in 1961 the Diocese of Northern Uganda was created from Upper Nile with headquarters at Gulu and West Nile became an Archdeaconry in it.

When the whole Lugbara Bible came in 1967 the Church started to grow immensely that the Diocese of Madi/West Nile was created in 1969 under the leadership of the Rt. Rev Silvanus Wani who was then the Assistant Bishop to Rt. Rev Janani Luwum and diocesan Secretary of Northern Uganda Diocese in Gulu.

Bishops of the diocese since its creation have been

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The present bishop, Rt.Rev. Charles Collins Andaku, was consecrated and enthroned on 26th February 2017 as the seventh Bishop of the Diocese.

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