1519307729464-64da7aee-98c3-4fe0-9761-5577e99c1125~2A warm welcome from Bishop Charles Collins Andaku to the web site of the Diocese of Madi & West Nile in the Church of Uganda (Anglican).

The year 2018 is the centenary of the bringing of Christianity to Northern Uganda by Anglican missionaries – and we are celebrating this with a program of celebrations and events, culminating in the anniversary in June.

What we stand for

In our Diocese we cherish partnerships, brotherhood, exemplary leadership and accountability.

You will find our agreed  vision, mission & values explained here.

Care for the natural environment

We believe God has entrusted us with many things that he expects us to take care of. These include our natural resources like wetlands and trees, time and finances, the human resource we have and land among others.

In light of this, we are championing environment conservation throughout the region by planting trees at every parish and church level. As strategy, Bishop Collins Andaku has decreed that each confirmation candidate plants at least five trees before receiving confirmation.

[Need a picture here of trees being planted]

Meanwhile every Christian is being warned against deforestation and encouraged to plant more trees in their backyards and other fields to reduce the likelihood of alarming weather patterns.

Openness and transparency

To increase openness and transparency the diocese has also started annual auditing of our books of accounts, starting at the diocesan level and rolling out to the  Archdeaconries. You will find a summary of our finances here.

[A summary of Finances is needed – on a separate page – linked to from here]


We have ambitious objectives and have already achieved a lot as a diocese – but sometimes those things may go unnoticed elsewhere.

Therefore we recently appointed a Communications Officer, Mr Martin Bileni – who with the support of our brother and friend to the diocese, Mr Chris Lambert from Bristol, UK – has made our dream of developing and hosting an active web site and email system come true.

We therefore encourage you to explore the wonderful ministry, initiatives and activities in the various departments & archdeaconries of the diocese.

Working together

We invite you to join with us in sharing in the spread of the Gospel of Christ and the development and transformation of the Lord’s children entrusted unto us in this great diocese of the Anglican Church of Uganda.

Your prayers in support of our work are requested, and any donation or practical help you are able to offer will be most welcome. For further details please contact the appropriate manager or coordinator listed (by phone or email)

Visiting us

If you are visiting the Madi West Nile region at any time please make yourself known to us (by phone or email) and we will be delighted to meet with you and to share the love of the Lord Jesus.

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