The Health Department at the Diocese is working to see God’s vision of full restoration fulfilled for all people in the Diocese, recognizing that health is not purely physical, but also has social, emotional and spiritual dimensions

 Dr. Tom Godfrey Clare   the Diocesan Health Coordinator a specialist Family Doctor with his family at Emmanuel Cathedral Mvara.


We supervise health facilities Founded by the Diocese:

  • Kuluva Hospital (Vuura Archdeaconry)
  • St Luke’s Katiyi HC III(Oyibu Archdeaconry)
  • Yivu Abea HC III(Maracha Archdeaconry)
  • Anyiribu HC III(Oyibu Archdeaconry)
  • Kei HC III(Aringa Archdeaconry)
  • Erepi HC II(Madi Archdeaconry)
  • Anyavu HC II(Logiri Archdeaconry)

All of these facilities are in the “Private Not-For-Profit” sector

The Health Department supports the facilities in different ways – contributing to governance on the Kuluva Hospital Board and taking a more direct supervisory role over the lower-level facilities, with regular supervision, training and meetings to enable them to flourish in their communities.

As well as supporting provision of services in the health facilities, the Health Department is also engaged in Community Health programmes designed to improve health and prevent disease as well as deepening spiritual understanding

Other work includes working with partners in health including the Province of the Church of Uganda, the Ministry of Health, Reproductive Health Uganda, AVSI, the Infectious Diseases Institute among others, as well as engaging with archdeaconry focal persons for health for local health interventions.

Currently, the main programme running in the community is Wise Choices For Life – a training programme involving life skills training and reproductive health messages from a Biblical perspective.

Erepi HC II (Madi Archdeaconry)
New Maternity Block and store at Erepi HCII.

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